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to be capable to offer the listener or participant using a brilliant experience. Childrens headphones are specifically created maintaining in Monster Headphones thoughts the damaging consequences they have on youngsters of any age group.Childrens headphones are so created which they decrease the appear stress degree (SPL). A substantial SPL is largely a danger towards internal ears. Some headphones decrease the SPL by 40%. This amount manage attribute in childrens headphones arrives handy...


It is autumn in Taiwan. 20 degrees in the day time, breeze all the day. Perfect for a motor trip, with ancient, natural spots and camping over night, Spots : No. 165 county road, Jiji railroad, Mingshin old-styled private school, stall foods, No. 14 Hehuanshan mountain road, Fushoushan farm. Route : Tainan-> Zhushan->Jiji -> Hehuanshan-> Dayuling-> Lishan-> Fushoushan Farm....


齒盤&鏈條更換紀錄.... (持續更新) 前齒盤: 原廠 16T 中古品 :2008/07/14 16300 km 後齒盤: 原廠 :目前(2008/07/23)使用約 34000 km 鏈條: RK 530 :2008/07/16 16400 km


ㄟ 只是想看看我的大頭貼成功了沒耶 ^^